Review: Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream

Coffee with Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream Concentrate. Seriously, eating whole food rocks. I had been putting coconut oil in my coffee each morning to get a boost of medium-chain fatty acids and the feeling of being satisfied (coconut products do this really well), but making the switch to coconut cream is way yummier.

Tropical Traditions has sales all the time, so I bought coconut cream for half price when I was buying coconut oil for $29/gallon on Black Friday.

If you are a first time customer and use my referral code, #5682145, a free book about coconut oil will be included with your order (they credit my account with coconut oil when you use that as well, just so you know, I like this deal ~grin~).

To use the code, in the checkout screen when it asks where you heard of Tropical Traditions, choose 'referred by a friend' and then put in the #5682145. If you don't see the place to put in the #, don't worry, you can just email Tropical Traditions through their customer service page after you place your order and they'll be sure to hook you up with the free book.

When it came, it was separated, with the oil up on the top (left jar). I just left it on the oven while I baked squash, then stirred it with a fork and it stayed mixed, even once it cooled (see half-used jar on the right)

It's really concentrated, and more of a whole food than the canned coconut milk you can get at the store. It still has the fiber in it, and isn't as sweet as, say, Thai brand and it doesn't have additives to prevent it from separating. This is all a good; it's less processed. I love that it comes in glass jars, I know that tin cans are lined with plastic that has BPA in it, so although we still use buy some things in cans, I prefer glass.

I use a couple teaspoons in my coffee. Sally Fallon in Eat Fat, Lose Fat recommends putting two tablespoons of high quality coconut oil in your coffee or tea in the morning (and before each meal). I find that it all floats to the top, and it's quite a bit of liquid oil to swallow at once. I'm not trying to lose weight anyway, so about 2 teaspoons of coconut cream is plenty for me. Looking at the nutrition facts, 2 teaspoons of coconut cream has 6 g of fat and 62 calories for those who are interested in that. I personally find that as long as I stick to whole foods only, I have no problem keeping my weight where I want it (this wasn't the case when I wasn't eating whole foods and plenty of fat).


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