Ginger tea for GAPS and sore throats

1.25 pound ginger root from Walmart $3.88

Part of the GAPS diet is ginger tea with honey. Here is a whole ginger root, I've never bought one this big. It's not organic, but the organic ginger roots that I've seen lately are shriveled sad little things- and expensive. So we're doing not organic right now.

Ginger tea is warming for fall mornings, and is also a natural sore throat remedy.

Put filtered water in a sauce pan to boil.
Break off a knob of the ginger, about thumb-sized.
Peel with a knife and slice thinly (I've been using a steak knife for slicing because it gets through the fibers easily) into rounds.
Simmer in water for about 5 minutes.
Pour into your cup, I use a fork to hold back the ginger rounds.
Add honey to taste.

This real food fresh tea is a part of Real Food Wednesday!

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