Golabki, pigs in a blanket, Krautwickel, grumpkies...

Golabki, pigs in a blanket, Krautwickel, grumpkies... these were all names that people called this dish when I posted to facebook that I was going to be making this recipe for dinner. I had never heard of it before, but found it on Real Food Wednesday a couple weeks ago.

After seeing The Modern Milkmaid's detailed instructions for Golabki (stuffed cabbage), I thought these might take a while to make. Actually they didn't take long at all, assembly was easy. The only change I made was that I used lentils instead of white rice to make them GAPS friendly and used two pounds of ground beef instead of one to feed us for more than one meal. I should have soaked the lentils, they weren't quite done after two hours of simmering, but they were done after re-heating the next day. And I should have added more sea salt to the meat.

To re-heat the next day (we don't have a microwave) I just put them in a sauce pan with some chicken broth and let simmer for half an hour.

This will be added to our list of favorite winter meals, though. Really good, and a nice change of pace from the same 'ol same 'ol.

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