Good Quality Olive Oil and Antioxidants

In GAPS it's recommended to drizzle a little high quality cold pressed olive oil over your food daily. While I'm not following GAPS all the way, I do want to do this part. The Gut and Psychology Syndrome book explains that unsaturated fats like olive oil really shouldn't be used at high heat (there are thoughts that they may become trans fats, but this article on the Weston A Price website says otherwise) because they become unstable. But there are good antioxidants in virgin cold pressed olive oil, and it is a healthy addition to the diet when used in moderation. I try to think of how fats occur naturally, and which fats are most abundant to people who aren't industrialized. It's much easier to get fat out of a fatty coconut, or even more so tallow from meat, than it is to get fat out of olives without heavy equipment. In more primitive (and healthier) cultures, they are using the easier to get to fat more often than we are. Americans as a whole are using way too much of the highly processed high-markup plant oils in their cooking, and our health is suffering it for it (more fat info is on the Weston Price website I linked to above).

Anyway, I was going to get some high quality olive oil off of Amazon for around $20 when I saw this organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil at TJMaxx for half that. Lovely what you can find at a discount when you know what you're looking for!


Recommended reading, including information about the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, which studies primitive cultures and health

Have you seen my post about making yogurt? It's really easy! We're mostly dairy free so I don't do this often, but I was just reminded by a friend about how much money you can save making your own yogurt. Doing it yourself makes it cost nearly the same as milk.

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