Homemade Vaposteam Humidifier additive

I posted this on my other blog last year, but wanted to move it over here because it's more health related. I just remembered to refill the humidifier that I keep in my little one's bedroom last week when she had a stuffy nose.

We all had stuffy noses, including my little baby, this past winter. After spending something like $7 on a bottle of Vicks Vaposteam to add to the humidifier, I was getting ready to order prenatals online anyway, so I thought I'd look at what the active ingredients were in the Vicks stuff and then try to make my own.

I ordered Camphor and Eucalyptus essential oil (keep out of reach of children! I'm pretty sure the camphor is pretty toxic when ingested in large enough quantities) and add quite a bit, about 40 drops of each, to the water in our warm mist humidifier. The Vicks also has cedar leaf oil, and nutmeg oil, but I didn't want to buy all of those in case my trial was a dud. But it worked, and I'll stick with just the camphor and eucalyptus.

Each bottle of essential oil was about $4 and after being used at least a dozen times I still have 3/4 of each bottle left, making it a worthwhile purchase.

I'm big on prevention, and when stuffy noses are going around I try to remember to use the humidifier at nap time to keep those mucous membranes moist so everyone's less likely to catch the sickies.

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