Thursday Inspirations: Real Food Links

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Thursday inspirations: Because sometimes you need to be inspired to keep up the momentum for the last two days of the week :) These are a collection of posts that inspired me recently.

Cheeseslave's post that includes information on removing moles with iodine. I love reading about unexpected easy safe natural remedies. I'm going to try this, I'll keep you posted.

Keeper of the Home's post on herbs and the flu. As I wrote back here in the Eating to Stay Healthy This Winter post, I don't do a lot with herbs. Mostly because I'm still working on eating mostly real food and staying away from junk and that's my priority right now. But if you're ready to learn more about herbs, this post is a great starting point.

Briana has a post about making your own tinctures. She breaks it down into really easy steps. If you are going to use herbal medicine, I would really encourage you to do your own tinctures because it's much less expensive that way.

My post on making your own additive for the humidifier this winter will also save you quite a bit of money. Those little Vicks VapoSteam bottles go quickly!

Rachel was recently researching vaccines and wrote a great post about it. If you have time, check out the link she has in there, it's the best supported vaccination article I've ever seen. I love that it relies on statistics, not opinions.

Have a lovely Thursday!

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