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We don't have TV, but we do play Netflix movies over the winter on the computer. We took down the desktop and whole TV/sound system this past summer, and wow is it nice! You don't realize how much room all that stuff takes up til you pack it up and send it to the garage.  So we're on the lowest Netflix plan that you can get and still do the watch instantly unlimited (8.99/month).  I love documentaries too, since my hubby isn't going to pick up Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, but he'll gladly sit through Food, Inc with me.  And I can knit or nurse the baby while watching a movie. Not so much with reading :)

Here are some documentaries that we found interesting lately, first link to Amazon if you don't have Netflix, second to Netflix so you can add it if you want.  I'll note that a lot of them touch on evolution; we believe in young earth creation.  Evolution doesn't make up a huge part of any of them, though.

Lots of bloggers (Kimi, Kelly and more) saw it when it first came out to the theaters this past summer. I'm a little behind the times and just saw it this past week.  Really good, about 'big agriculture' vs local farmers.

Not about food, but about health and medical conditions in Ethiopia.  I occasionally need to be reminded at how blessed and privileged we are here.

Covers a wide range of topics, from mercury in fillings to natural cancer cures to Weston A. Price. My husband felt this was the best documentary about real food and holistic health that we've seen yet.

About body image in America.  Not appropriate for children (strong language, if I remember right) but it was insightful for me as a parent.  In this film they touch on a lot of the reasons we choose to shelter our children from media as they are young, though that wasn't the primary focus.  When they're teens and more able to grasp what is the truth and what is said as an advertisement, we will look forward to taking an objective look at advertising and media with them.

Touches on different issues associated with obesity in America.  (Of course we know that Real Food is much more satisfying and wholesome, which in turn helps us to maintain a healthy weight).  Presented different opinions on the issue, which I always think is interesting.  Even if I don't agree with them, I like to hear differing viewpoints.

This one wasn't all that great, but toward the end they touched on the fact that the reason gastric bypass surgery works (when it does) is because of the gut/psychology connection, which we already knew from GAPS.  I thought that it was interesting that they did note that. They left out all the risks (including psychological) of gastric bypass surgery, though.

About artificial sweeteners and numerous 'discounted' studies that show their harm. Moral of the story: Don't trust the FDA to protect you. Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's okay.

Update 1/13:
I never thought about or realized all the politics involved with water.  Being from the country, and having previously owned land in the country, I was vaguely familiar with water rights and how important it is to not use more water than is replenished in your well.  The movie disproves the water cycle myth that we learned in school.  Lots of interesting ideas.  Didn't love their 'solution' of agriculture indoors, the agriculture method of Polyface farms in Food, Inc. and Omnivore's Dilemma (review coming eventually, I really enjoyed this book) would be my preferred sustainable solution.

Update 2/2:
A fun look at farmers' markets around the US.  Interesting to see the varieties, from what looks like 'handmade' but not necessarily from scratch food, to fresh strawberries picked right near 101 in Santa Monica to watching a man climb a coconut tree, lower the coconuts, and sell in a Hawaiian farmer's market!

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