My New Year's Goals

Kimi at Nourishing Gourmet is doing a carnival on health goals for the new year, so I'm sharing mine, and putting them up for Food Renegade's Fight Back Friday too.  I don't really do new year's resolutions, but I'll admit that the clean new calendar is inspiring, and the middle of winter in Montana needs a bit of inspiration.  Also, because my husband is in construction, we save any larger purchases that we're planning for the spring after the months of lean work has passed, so we use the winter months to research and save.

My goals for 2010

  • Continue menu planning and bulk cooking so that we avoid takeout pizza.  It's been over a month since we were out to eat, so we've been doing pretty well! I want to continue this. 
  • Get a fishing license this year.  I just read Real Food for Mother and Baby (review coming soon!) and was quite inspired to up our fish intake, and learn how to use ~gulp~ fish eggs.  Hubby has always fished, but I've not been inspired until now to make the most of this healthful family activity!
  • Continue slowly finding local sources for our foods, and replace 'industry organics' with local small farmer's organics.  So far we've found local honey, grassfed beef, game meat, squash/veggies, and eggs.  Our wheat comes from a  large company, but it's local to Montana.
  • We're making the jump this year to replace our conventional mattress with a natural mattress.  I'm still researching, but I think that the natural latex mattress from Costco looks like the best deal. (I just looked for the link and it looks like they don't have it right now, hopefully they will again in the spring!)  We already have natural mattresses for the kids, we just need to do our big bed now.

There's lots more that I'd love to add, but I'm a firm believer in setting realistic goals and doing the slow and steady approach.
Read more in my post about the Standard American Diet to Real Food and I'd love to hear what your preferably realistic goals are in the comments!

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