Sugar and Grain Free Menu Plan Jan 17th (GFCF, GAPS, SCD)


I really do better when I menu plan. So here goes next week:

Eggs, homemade sausage patties, cooked apples

Meatballs in crockpot with tomato juice (SCD/GAPS legal, pasta sauce would be good too)
Over brown rice for non-grain-free people

Dinner is more of lunch, with cooked squash

*take chicken out to thaw
*batch of cookies for hubby
* Dehydrate Apples and Pears- pears bought last week should be ripe by now
*Thaw remainder of wheat rolls for hubby's lunches next week
* Church in the morning


Coconut flour bread made into muffins with chopped apple in the batter

Lunches: Same all week days:
Hubby: Sandwich, apple, corn chips, cookies
Us: Chicken salad wrapped in cooked cabbage leaves, cooked apples or squash with coconut oil.  Organic chicken 'lunchmeat', homemade mayo, cabbage
Soup as snacks/with lunch. (pictured: onion and green bean soup)
Leftovers if there are any.  It's hit and miss how hungry we are, sometimes even if I plan for leftovers there are none.

Casserole with ground beef, reduction sauce, green beans, mashed squash (make double and freeze)

*General house cleaning day, vacuum, sweep, mop, catch up laundry
*Make bread for hubby's lunches
*Put thawed chicken in crockpot, cook all day, after kids are in bed take off meat and return bones to pot and simmer stock overnight

Eggs poached in tomato juice as in Food Renegade's Eggs Poached in Marinara
can you believe that I didn't know what a poached egg really was until I read this post? I've got a lot to learn still! Now I poach eggs in chicken stock too, yummy and easier cleanup than scrambled or fried

Lunch is the same as above

Pizza for hubby, soup with coconut bread for us grain free people

* Sewing Day
* Stock gets put into mason jars, cools on the counter, then transferred to fridge
*Soak white beans for tomorrow's dinner (do beans in the crockpot)

Squash and coconut oil with cinnamon and honey

Meatballs and SCD-legal fruit leathers while we're out

Mexican:  Beans cooked that we soaked yesterday, cheddar cheese, guacamole, grain free crackers for us, organic corn chips from costco for hubby.  Note: I have made a grain free cracker with coconut flour, but it's not great... so I'm not sharing the recipe yet. We like it fine, but it's just not that great, know what I mean?

* Egg day, our egg lady delivers in the morning.  I need to be ready with the cartons + $ ready to go
* Errand day
* Put groceries away
* Vaccuum, mop, sweep
* Clean bathrooms
* As always, move a load a of laundry through the washer/dryer/dresser


Eggs poached in chicken stock
Squash pancakes

Breakfast-for-dinner: Scrambled eggs, coconut flour muffins, cooked apples, homemade sausage if there's still some left

*Pick an area to clean out (cupboard, pantry, laundry area, green hutch, yarn, etc)
* Sewing if time
*Pull out 2 pounds of hamburger to thaw

By Friday, we eat whatever's handy for breakfast ~smile~

 Burgers on mushrooms, whole wheat bun for hubby
Squash fries (butternut, cooked in coconut oil with sea salt)
Homemade ketchup

*Catch up on laundry, match up kids' clothes, go through their room and our room (the upstairs), wash sheets, towels
* Wash hubby's work clothes (dirty, and the black Carhartt dye bleeds, so they get their own load)
* Yet again, sweep and vacuum.  I have little kids, what can I say? ~grin~


Eggs, muffins if I'm up. Just eggs if hubby lets me sleep and he's making breakfast.
Something more fun, maybe homemade chicken nuggets with coconut flour as the breading.  Cooked green beans with coconut oil, fresh juice.  On the weekends I usually make enough 'lunch' for dinner too so it can all be cleaned up at once.  Or we patch together a lunch to take with us if we go out and have an early dinner right after the kids wake up from their nap.

Exercise and other things: We try to get fresh air every day, unless it's too cold. On snow days we shovel the sidewalk and play in the snow, on days when it's not too bad we walk. The jogging stroller surprisingly goes well over ice. Not so great on the snow though.  We like to visit friends at least twice a week; on those days I don't do much blogging (I plan my blog posts out ahead, so I can still publish consistently) and I try to get my dinner at least started and the house picked up before I leave. We're all early risers, so it's not too much of a push to do this, we're more productive in the mornings anyway.

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