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Since starting GAPS I've been curious about alternative flours, and coconut flour was the first non-grain flour that I've tried. It was pretty good! I've got a huge order of organic almonds coming from our co-op this Sunday and I'm curious to see how almonds, soaked, dried, and then made into flour compare to the coconut.

I had heard great things about Cheeseslave's Coconut Flour Bread, so that was the first thing I tried. 

The bread turned out well, it held together well to be sliced and tasted good.  I tried it without honey once, don't do that. It needs the honey ;) 

When I opened the box with the coconut flour in it, at first I was surprised at how little the package was (it's 2.2 pounds).  Our family used to go through 30 pounds of flour a month! But it turns out that the non-grain flour is much more dense, so the recipes are thinned out with other ingredients.  In the coconut flour bread recipe there are 6 eggs to 3/4 cup flour for one loaf, much different than the approx 10 cups of flour I used to make soaked wheat bread.  So the package has lasted quite a while, I still have some in my fridge.

Next I used the coconut bread recipe but added in cubed apples and some mashed butternut squash for moisture.   I did them in muffin tins, which the kids loved.  Yes, they're the bad nonstick tins, I haven't replaced them with something better yet.  And I forgot to grease them, so the muffins stuck.

On the next batch I started saving the fruit pulp from my juicing and added that to the muffin batter.  That worked really well and it used something that I had otherwise been throwing away.  I greased the tin on the next batch too.

We like the flour a lot, it's been great to have on hand.  It's not the same as wheat flour at all, but it's great for those who are gluten or grain free or could be added to a wheat flour recipe for the great health benefits of coconut.

You know that Tropical Traditions has tons of healthy coconut products. I'm getting low on coconut oil, so I'm going to try their Green Label coconut oil this month along with ordering another gallon pail of shredded coconut for macaroons.  If you're a first time customer, I'd love it if you would use my referral code #5682145 and you get a free book on the benefits of coconut and I get coconut oil credited to my account.

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