Easy Lunch: Chicken Salad in Steamed Cabbage


This is an easy lunch, chicken salad is made up in the beginning of the week to last the whole week.  I cored a cabbage and then steamed for a good 30 minutes to soften the leaves. The too-soft outer leaves and too-small inner leaves go into soup, the 'just right' ones are used as wraps.  GAPS friendly but liked by everyone. We add cooked apples or squash to the meal for carbohydrates since we don't restrict carbs.  I wrap in waxed paper and tuck in an insulated lunch bag for an easy lunch on the go.

Simple chicken salad:
Cut up chicken
 A generous amount of mayonnaise
Sea salt
Optional: sauerkraut for good probiotics,  cut up onions, celery, olives, mustard

Mix.  See? Eating real food can be very simple!

And a soaked wheat tortilla recipe from gnowglins if you wanted to skip the cabbage. I also have bought sprouted corn tortillas pre-GAPS at the health food store.  If you're buying corn tortillas it's really a good idea to get them sprouted or soaked in lime as traditional cultures do.  They're easier to digest that way.

Lactofermented vegetables
A sandwich chock-full of healthy stuff

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