Fish Cutlets- Getting more fish in our diet

Living in Montana, I have absolutely no excuse for not including this nutrient dense food in our diet.  For $30 each, hubby and I can fish every weekend this summer and catch a combined limit of 10 fish (depending on the area and type of fish).

I had avoided cooking fish previously because it seemed like an awful lot of work to pick around all those little bones.  With the recipe for fish cutlets in the GAPS book, I think we can handle eating fish this year, since all the bones get ground up into the meat.

I had fish in my freezer that hubby's boss had given us last summer.

The book says to remove the head, skin, and large bones. I started removing all the little bones but quickly became bored and decided we'd see how they did in the food processor instead.

In it goes, with an egg, some coconut oil, salt and pepper.

Ground, by pulsing, and then formed into patties.  Rolled the patties in shredded coconut, and baked in a greased glass baking dish.

Baked 40ish minutes at 350.  They were great! I felt a few bones, I think those are the ones that were stuck up on the side of the food processor bowl and didn't get mixed in well enough. Next time I'll scrape around and whirl some more.

I'm not the only one trying to include more fish in our diets, Stephanie and Kimi are as well!

Part of Real Food Wednesday and Pennywise Platter Thursday and Fight Back Friday

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