Lazy Stovetop Popcorn


We had a popcorn maker when we were first married. I got rid of it and got much-needed cupboard space once I realized that it's super easy to pop corn on the stove, in a regular pan, without shaking it incessantly.

This is all I do, I pour popcorn in the bottom of a pot or pan, about as much as it takes to cover the bottom of the pan seems to work well. Add a tablespoon or two of coconut oil.

Crack the lid to allow steam to escape. Turn the stove to medium, right there in the exact middle has worked in every house we've lived in.  I don't shake it. When the popping slows, it's done. Better to remove it from the burner too soon than to let it burn and ruin the whole pot.

We top with sea salt.  Easy, isn't it?

Sally Fallon in Nourishing Traditions warns against eating too much popcorn because it's not soaked, but compared to most snack foods on the market this is a great improvement!

This frugal snack is part of Pennywise platter Thursday

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