Review: One Gallon of Organic Palm Shortening

Trans-fat free Organic Chicken breaded in coconut flour and fried in Organic Palm Shortening

I've been enjoying using palm shortening in my cooking for the past few weeks. I took pictures of it compared with coconut oil for you; the container with the spoon in it is palm shortening.  It's a little softer than coconut oil, which is a plus especially in the winter; I used it for everything I would normally use coconut oil for with no ill effects.  

I also tried making doughnuts.  They look good, don't they? Well, I just tried sweetening my regular soaked wheat bread recipe, and they were too dense and bread-y for our tastes. We ended up toasting them and using them as rolls ;) Nourished kitchen has a sprouted doughnut recipe that I'm sure is much better than my attempt.

Palm oil is the most often used oil in the rest of the world (in America the most often used oil is soybean, which is an unstable omega 6 fat).  Tropical Traditions' Palm Shortening comes from a small scale farm in South Africa with strict standards not only for quality of the oil, but for environmental and social as well.

* I have a question for you- does anyone know of a good resource to find the omega 3 vs 6 ratio of an oil? I was trying to find out the ratio of palm oil but couldn't.  I do know it's a more stable oil than liquid oils, which are prone to becoming rancid.

If you're a first time customer of Tropical Traditions, I'd love it if you would use my referral code #5682145 and you get a free book on the benefits of coconut and I get coconut oil credited to my account.  See my reviews of their other products: Coconut oil, Coconut Cream Concentrate, Shredded Coconut, and Coconut Flour.  
Hint: I wait until they have a sale; usually once a month a gallon of expeller pressed coconut oil goes on sale for $39 or less, which is a great deal.

On to the Giveaway!Tropical Traditions is giving away an entire gallon of organic palm shortening just like the one they gave me for review! To Enter:
Giveaway is over! Molly from Organic Spark won, I'm going to email her now so that Tropical Traditions can send her a big ol' tub of organic palm oil!

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Giveaway ends 3/6/10 and I'll pick a winner from

Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

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