Friday Fails!

I've had a collection of fails this week- just wanted to share, to keep things nice and honest:
  • I dropped 18 eggs on the counter.  Good eggs. Pastured eggs. Dropped the whole container, it was open and landed eggs-side down; they spilled over both sides of the counter so hubby had to take both the oven and the refrigerator out so I could steam/soak/scrape out the eggie mess.  The whole reason for this is because I keep both my empty containers and full containers of eggs up on top of my fridge, and I have to move the whole stack to get to my crock pot. I could see this coming months ago. And I'm still keeping them up there.
  • I left a pan full of 'easy' ketchup going on the stove over overnight. Thankfully it didn't catch on fire, or burn my favorite pan.  Charcoally mess that took much soaking and scraping to get rid of (soaking in vinegar for a while, then adding baking soda loosened it up)
  • I've been eating entirely too much sugar since being off of GAPS.  My parents visited and  brought See's candy with them last week, I ate maybe 10 or 12 the first night and took Pepto Bismol because I felt so sick I couldn't sleep. Without fail refined sugar makes me gain weight, I've gained 10 lbs in the two weeks I've been off GAPS.  Rachel and I are remedying this by doing a sugar free challenge next month, which I'll post more on soon.  But still, self control? 
  • I thought I found a great OshKosh flannel shirt for Hannah at Goodwill, but didn't look carefully enough and it had a big old hole in the front. I'll patch it and use it as a play shirt, but still. Didn't notice this until she was wearing it.  Really, before buying used clothing it's a good idea to go over the item with a fine tooth comb! :)
  • I haven't been menu planning, which you can see (I post them when I actually do them), which means that we've been having quesadillas or scrambled eggs for dinner way too often.
  • I shrunk a wool soaker that I knit.
  • All of the above should most likely bother me more than it does.  I kind of said "hmmm" and moved on with every one of these (other than the soaker, I'm a little bummed about that). 
All these fails just remind me of how thankful I am for God's grace in my life, that He gave me these precious children to enjoy when I can't even keep eggs from splattering on the counter and running down onto the floor.  He gave me a hard working husband who doesn't even complain when we have quesadillas for the third time that week.  I have so much more than I deserve!

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