Making Mayonnaise is Easy!

After Jenni  told me that mayonnaise is easier to make if the eggs are room temperature, I've been making mayonnaise (and not eggy-oil) on the first attempt ever since.  Thanks!  Mayonnaise is surprisingly easy to make, and only requires eggs and oil. I add a little sea salt and lemon juice at the end.  I even took a video of the emulsification a while back- you can hear the sound deepen if you care to watch all the way through.  I didn't measure in the video, but I've decided that it's easier if I measure because then I am better able to gauge how fast I'm pouring.

What to do:
Use two raw eggs
2 cups of oil- I use a more refined olive oil, I don't mind the taste of it at all, though it's not as strong as extra virgin would taste
Put the eggs in the food processor (I seem to talk about using the food processor often, don't I?), turn on, and take a full minute to pour in each cup of oil. I have a clock with a second hand up above my counter, that helps.
By the time two minutes are up (or one minute for one egg/cup of oil) it should be thick! In my experience you have to pour it slowly- dumping it all in at once and then letting it run for a minute doesn't seem to work.
Then I add a small pinch of sea salt and let it mix in.
It does thicken a little more in the fridge.

According to Nourishing Traditions you can add a couple tablespoons of whey and then let it sit out on the counter for a couple days to lactoferment before putting in the fridge. With the lactofermentation, the mayonnaise will keep longer.  I've done this before and didn't notice a taste difference- this time I didn't have any whey so I just did plain.

Without the whey it lasts in the fridge a couple weeks.

Easy, isn't it? If you've ever taken the time to compare ingredients on different store bought mayonnaises I believe you'll agree that it's easier to just make your own.  And frugal! Costing essentially as much as you pay for oil.

My triumph last year when I finally got mayonnaise to work right (before I was using cold eggs)
About good quality olive oil
More raw eggs- in smoothies this time

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