Review: No Impact Man

Christiane had posted on No Impact Man a while back.  When our Bourne Identity DVD arrived broken from Netflix, we thought it would be worth trying since it was available in 'Watch Instant' format.

At the start, I'll admit I was feeling a bit 'accidentally green' in my second hand jeans and shirt, watching with hubby on our 3rd or 4th hand couch and viewing with our used laptop.  While alternating crocheting a dish cloth and breastfeeding as the little one woke up and then went back to sleep ~grin~  

I loved how nonjudgemental Colin is.  He doesn't claim that he has all the answers- "this is more philosophical than scientific"- and doesn't think that everyone should be just like him. He doesn't condemn, but inspires to think outside the box and... reduce impact.  

"Can I live on this planet doing more good than harm?" He asks.  Put that way he makes it easier to think about doing baby steps to be more environmentally aware.  I liked the movie, it wasn't guilt-inducing, boring, or overwhelming, just right to motivate me to continue to try and reduce impact.  

*It has some strong language in it, just to warn families. 

Looking for something else to watch? Here are some other interesting documentaries, which also happen to be on Netflix's Watch Instantly.
We watch movies on the laptop, but in general we're Happily a TV Free Family

Unrelated but awesome: Monica from Rose of Sharon Acres wanted to give my readers a discount on her Tooth Chips- Soap For Teeth.  The code HealthHomeHappy gives you a 12% one-time discount on her tooth care products, excluding sample sizes.  She has liquid 'tooth spritz' now, which I can't wait to try!  Right now I'm using Peppermint Tooth Chips- love them!  Look for a post soon (or eventually might be more accurate...) on why we choose to avoid fluoride both in our tooth paste and in our water.

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