Cheddar and Bread- Traditional Fast Food

The first traditional culture that Dr. Weston A Price talked about in Nutrition and Physical Degeneration was a group in a remote part of the Swiss Alps.  He noted not only their superior physical health, but also noted that the that village there was no jail, nor need for one. I found it fascinating- that proper nutrition has the potential impact a community so much.

In this village when the cows were eating the spring time grass, they knew they had the best quality milk. So they made it into cheese to enjoy all year long.  They were said to often eat slices of rye bread (this is wheat- recipe here) with a slice of cheese as thick as the bread.

Isn't that simple?  Just add a veggie and we're good to go.

I do love to cook, but I also love that we can have very simple meals that are nutritionally balanced.  It's great now that the weather is getting warmer and the kids want to be outside! all the time.

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