Traditional Food in Real Lives- Menu Plan

Traditional Food -If I'm avoiding preparing foods during 'working hours'(more about that here) I need to have meals that build on each other so I'm not cooking an entire meal every night, while also changing the leftovers enough so that they're not boring.  Because I don't love washing dishes (our dishwasher isn't very effective) I'm keeping that in mind too!

Meal planning and grocery list with 'help' and interruptions: 30 minutes (Tip: I just think of what makes up protein/carb/fat/fruit or veggie)
Grocery shopping with kids, doing other errands as well: 2.5 hours
Soaking wheat for tomorrow's bread/biscuits: 20 minutes including clean up time.

Smoothies (great for on the run meals!)
Biscuits with eggs
Soaked oats or 7-grain cereal
Sausage with fruit

Chicken Salad
Egg Salad
Squash with meat
Crispy Almonds
Date Nut Balls

Fried Chicken on Salad, homemade ranch
Salmon Patties with Peas
Waffles, eggs, and fruit spread
Pizza topped with homemade sausage, salad
Stir Fried Rice with beef
Burgers (with company), salad, Lemon mousse from Nourishing Traditions 

Saturday Meal Prep: 
Look at what wheat needs to be soaked- two loaves of bread for sandwiches (and two loaves for a friend), biscuits, soaked tortillas.  

Part of Menu Plan Monday and Real Food Wednesday
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