Traditional Food in Real Lives- Monday

This is still part of our Traditional Foods in Real Lives: Working Around the Work Schedule series
Breakfast- sliced apples and eggs cooked in coconut oil.  Up at 6:00 (this is when my little ones get up anyway), started heating the pan for eggs, cooked apples.  Everyone ate, everything cleaned up at 5 minutes to 7:00.  I ate at the table with the kids at first, but then I got up to clean up, get dressed, etc after 10 minutes or so.

I was actually surprised that breakfast took this long - I thought a simple breakfast like this would go faster.

Put the chicken in the crockpot on low to go all day 'while out of the house'.

Lunch: It was really nice to have lunch already made when the kids were hungry!  I think I'll be incorporating a lot more make-ahead food into our schedule from now on.  Hannah didn't eat as much as I thought she would. Sam 'shared' my sandwich by picking some of the chicken out, eating a bite of pickle, and some apples.

Salmon patties for dinner. To be 'authentic' I thought I'd wait to start dinner when my husband got home from work.  Fifteen minutes later we were eating, then out the door again to look at a house.  We had salad that I had made on Sunday again.  Back home, got the kids to bed, and cleaned up.

Took the chicken off the bones from the crock pot (I turned it off when I was preparing dinner a couple hours earlier) and put some aside for tomorrow's tacos, made the rest into chicken salad for lunches.

Total hands on time this evening:
2 minutes for dinner and clean up
another 20 minutes to pull the chicken off, wash crockpot, and make chicken salad+ lunches.

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