Traditional Food in Real Lives- Sunday Food Prep

A couple hours on Sunday prepping food for the next week can make the week go so much easier!
*This is a part of my Traditional Food in Real Lives- Working Around the Work Schedule series

I have been making a big salad on Sunday nights lately, eating that with fried chicken for dinner, adding more lettuce or cabbage to fill the bowl back up, then the big bowl lasts for 'side' salads through most of the week.

Today I finished up the bread products that were set to soak yesterday, since I'm not cooking during the day this week (see how I'm experimenting with the limited time schedule available to working people).

List for Sunday Food Prep:

  • Finish all bready things- 4 loaves of bread first since they take the longest, tortillas next and start frying them in the pan, while the tortillas are cooking I put together the biscuits, covered and kept in the fridge until baking later this week.
  • Make lots of salad- only add dressing to what we're eating that night.
  • Three pounds of beef sausage (made into patties) should be plenty for the week.  I'll use that to crumble on pizza as well.  
  • Fry chicken thighs - in coconut flour for my little one, unbleached white for us.  Slice to use to top salad, set some aside for tomorrow's lunch.
  • Put a chicken in the crock pot to thaw for lunch meat, turn that on tomorrow morning .  
  • Make lunches: We'll have fried chicken sandwiches tomorrow.  In doing this I realized I have no idea how much my children actually eat. I didn't bag up (because we're not actually leaving) but have a bunch of grapes and dehydrated almonds for snacks.  The 17-month-old usually just takes bites off of whatever I'm eating - this is for me (sandwich, apples) and my 3-year-old (dates, apples, grassfed cheese, chicken fried with coconut flour), and then Dad's that he takes to work.  Lactofermented pickles I found at the health food store on sale- yum!

Notes: I wasn't impressed with my attempt at homemade soaked wheat tortillas. I might just buy sprouted corn tortillas from now on. We don't use them that often.

Time: Started at about 2:30, dinner done and everything cleaned up, lunches in the fridge, at 5:30 (we ate a little early).

Dad kept the kids busy, which helps everything to go faster. Having a plan keeps me efficient as well.  I wrote out what I wanted to do so I didn't have the computer on and get sucked into Facebook updates and email ;)

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