Natural Cosmetics- Why I'm Wearing Makeup Again

Natural Cosmetics- Why I'm wearing Makeup Again-This is me with makeup on ~ a rare sight since my first was born nearly 4 years ago.  But now I have natural makeup that I feel good about wearing, and I end up spending the minute and a half it takes to apply most days of the week.

Comparing me with vs without makeup you might not notice much of a difference (below is without- with my cute little guy!) but we do. The day I got my natural makeup in the mail, I tried it on right away and hubby walked in after work saying, "Wooooo, you look good!" - he noticed right away. Pretty impressive for this guy!

I felt like makeup wasn't something I was interested in spending time on for quite a while, and thus didn't wear it other than some mascara and colored lip gloss occasionally.  I knew that I never wanted to wear makeup be a requirement for me to be seen in public or photographed- I wanted to make sure I was comfortable with how I looked naturally and didn't want to have makeup be an unhealthy priority for me, displacing what really is important, even just for a few minutes.

As I'm working to trade out conventional items for healthier alternatives, I looked into organic makeup and ended up ordering from Actual Organics.  It isn't cheap, but it's healthy and that makes you feel so much better about wearing it.

It really only does take me a minute and a half to put on, and it makes me feel pretty all day, even if I'm just going to the grocery store or to the park with the kids. I have always known that I wanted to avoid becoming a ragged looking stay-at-home mom who stays in sweats all day (though all bets are off when I have a newborn), and spending a bit of time to put on makeup seems to extend out into how I care for my looks, and other areas as well.  I figure if I spent a minute putting makeup on, I can spend another minute cleaning out the car, making the bed (I'm awful at doing that usually), and setting the shoes all in a row rather than letting them gather in a pile by the front door. I'm not saying that buying this makeup will give you a clean house... I'm just noticing how putting a little effort into my appearance seems to start a good momentum for the day :)

I'm a wannabe minimalist, though I've succeeded in always keeping my makeup confined to this little makeup bag that I bought in high school.  Here's what I have:
From Actual Organics:
Foundation in Honey
Plum lip color with a brush
A cute little sampler of perfume- I don't remember what kind, but I love it

eRose of Sharon Acrs Lip Balm

And Burt's Bees
Face powder that I don't use because it makes me look silly.  I don't know why I keep it
Colored lip glosses

Do you wear makeup? How often? What kind? 

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