Organizing the kids' clothes

Kind of off topic, but I'm rather tickled that I did something somewhat organized, and I've stuck with it for longer than 12 seconds. So we'll venture into my children's room...

By nature, I'm not a very organized person. But this is something that has worked for me lately, so I wanted to share.

I started folding my kids' clothes together in outfits (neither of them cares what they wear) because I got frustrated with the daily check the drawer/dryer/laundry basket/crib for clothing that matched. See, I told you I wasn't organized ~grin~

Pairing them up and folding them into a bundle made our mornings much nicer! Church/nice clothes.

Each of my kids has a drawer, and then the top drawer has hats and socks and undies.
A girlie clothing bundle. I love these Hanna Andersson dresses, they cost more, but they fit her for 2-3 years. I ask for them for holidays gifts.

She has three of these dress sets, then pants/shirts/sweaters. A lot of her pants are boy's that I found at thrift stores and I pair those with a girlie shirt because I like her to dress like a little girl. But the practical part of me would rather pass down as much to little brother as possible.

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