Finding a Deal on Apples

Organic apples are a deal right now at our Costco- less than 70 cents a pound. So I bought 40 lbs. On GAPS/SCD we're eating a lot of cooked peeled fruit. I tried using my Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer to just peel them, but they're a little too soft and asymmetrical. The peeler does work well on Gravensteins- I did a lot of those when we lived in California. So we used the potato peeler, hubby peeling and me coring and slicing.
My 8-Quart Stockpot holds just a touch more than a 10-pound bag of apples.
After cooking til soft, I froze as many as I could in canning jars, and the rest in sandwich sized ziplocks, frozen laying flat. Canning jars take up more room, but they're safer to store food in. I love these for the kids more than apple sauce since it's not nearly as messy.

On SCD/GAPS I'm eating raw fruit, but the kids are getting cooked because I don't feel like they chew well enough.

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