Nourishing Menu Plan- On a Budget

(cut cabbage for sauerkraut)

Dinner Menus this week

Smoked salmon, cheese, and crackers, fruit smoothies.
Monday:  Pulled chicken sandwiches on whole wheat buns- pulled chicken is just chicken done in the crock pot, a little chicken stock or homemade ketchup and seasonings added (cumin, garlic, cayenne) and shredded with two forks.
Tuesday:  Scrambled eggs loaded with veggies and cheese (spinach, garlic, onion), whole wheat toast with butter.
Wednesday: Baked grassfed burger patties topped with cheese (make 1/2 pound patties, top with cheese, bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until cooked through, squash Fries with homemade ketchup
Thursday: Baked burritos, fruit smoothies
Friday: Pizza on whole wheat dough. My whole wheat pizza dough is getting better- it seems to work best to add plenty of fat and honey to keep the dough from being too dense.

Saturday: Pan fried trout (we hope!). Steamed broccoli with cheese sauce.  Berry cobbler for dessert.

Snack ideas:
Crispy almonds, smoothies, dried fruit, yogurt, strawberry almond bars

We're having liver again this week sometime!  Chicken pancakes are a favorite lately too.  Meatballs, soup, cooked veggies with coconut oil, leftovers from dinner, baked squash, beef sausage patties are all other options.

I don't think I'm going to be trying anything new this week - it's nice and warm and we're in the mood for spring cleaning {specifically cleaning out!} and being outside.  Favorite things for on the run are strawberry almond bars, beef sausage patties, and dried fruit.

On the first we start our no-refined-sweetener challenge! No refined sweetener for a month :)

Are you enjoying spring? 


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