SCD/GAPS: Chicken Pancakes

The most durable grain-free pancake yet! I had heard of chicken 'cupcakes' on the pecanbread site, so I tried using the food processor to make chicken pancakes would be like last week.  Chicken pancakes are wonderful- they don't crumble like squash pancakes do, they could easily be adapted to include different flavors (Andrea says she includes onions and spinach in hers, I used banana here).

In the food processor: 

  • 6 eggs
  • Chicken, including skin and cartridge (we used half the breast, one drumstick, and one wing- just what I picked off our crockpot chicken that I had done the night before) 
  • One ripe banana 
  • {I had added salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper to our chicken before cooking, so I didn't add any more here}
  • 1/4 cup almonds, processed into flour/meal 

Processed on high until it was all blended and pancake batter consistency.  Fried in palm oil.  Pretty quick cooking, and held together really well.  They're really tasty, I didn't think they tasted too much like chicken at all.  Made quite a few child-sized pancakes- the amount below + maybe 8 more that we ate so they're not shown.

We've started using these as make-shift pizzas too.  This is the best GAPS pizza substitute that I've tried.  We had a bunch of leftover pancakes, so on pizza night we put 6 in the bottom of a glass pyrex pan, topped with sugar free ketchup, basil, and a dab of {ridiculously expensive} raw goat's milk cheese.  Baked at 350 15 minutes until the cheese was slightly melted.  Very easy!

Even if you're not limiting grains, these would be great for babies who need food that's easy to chew up- a nice alternative to teething biscuits.

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